Kyle McConaghy

Director | DP

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Maude & Eugene

Narrative Reel 2014

  • Directing: Cinematography

2014 Narrative Reel featuring directing and cinematography work from feature films, short films and other film-like projects.


A classic tale of a girl and her telephone.

Adapted from the work of poet Rachel Marie Patterson, Telephonophobia was filmed with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

Girl: Cassie Newell
Telephone: William McConkey
Sister: Alyvia Schneider

Director: Kyle McConaghy
Story: Rachel Marie Patterson
Screenplay: Kyle McConaghy
Score: Joe DeBoer, Kyle McConaghy & Louis Wall
Sound Engineer: Louis Wall & Kyle McConaghy

Lennox & Byson

  • 80's: Action

We Killed The Blackmagic Cinema Camera

  • Blackmagic Cinema Camera: Test

Don & Son

  • Writing/Directing: Cinematography

Rubies Teaser

  • Short Film: Teaser

A teaser scene to the upcoming short film Rubies.

Written by: Joe DeBoer & Kyle McConaghy
Directed by: Kyle McConaghy & Joe DeBoer

Stefan: Gabe Buetel-Gunn
JR: Connie

Editing & Grading: Kyle McConaghy
Music: Joe DeBoer

Grain & Foliage Test

  • Camera: Test

Testing a vintage film look with Canon FD lenses and Gorilla Grain.


Los Angeles-based Kyle McConaghy films and directs features, shorts and commercials in Los Angeles and beyond. Specializing in producing digital films with an organic, film-like appearance, Kyle seeks to bring authenticity and timelessness to contemporary, digital work. From staging to lighting and lenses to color grading, Kyle uses all aspects of filmmaking to produce beautiful images. Kyle believes any stylistic texture is possible with the right treatment: from rich technicolor to gritty horror. 



News & notes on things hopefully related to film.

Celebrating Pagan Holidays


Last summer, I had the privilege of DPing a feature film, Pagan Holidays, from Chicago-based director, Clifton Holmes. Years ago, Holmes adapted a novel from the late Richard Leyman. The acclaimed author loved the film, but it went into production purgatory after Layman’s untimely death. Considering Holmes’ sketchy track record with dying film collaborators, I was leery being a part

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Last spring, when the Blackmagic Cinema Camera was just message board folklore, poet, Rachel Marie Patterson read from her in-progress phobia series. Each of poem, full of fun, gothic grit, would make a fantastic Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode premise. With a freshly preordered, mythical BMCC on my B&H purchase history, I thought the camera would be great to film a

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